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2011-08-01 19:11:29 by Hoogerslof

Yes I still am working on the same flash as I have been for like a year and a half. yes. I will finish. the end

ok soo...

2010-03-11 20:10:01 by Hoogerslof

Im thinking about making a shooter for flash 8. only problem, I have no idea how nor do I know how to action script. any links to any tutorials that you guys could hook me up with? thanks!


2010-03-11 18:42:51 by Hoogerslof

so I was wondering how to level up? Ive done what my friends told me to but nothings working. I could realy use the help. thanks!

well sorry to say this but...

2010-01-08 12:09:37 by Hoogerslof

I believe Im going to give up on my super hero video. It was taking too long and I realy didnt like the way it was turning out.