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I was expecting to lol at this but wow. for a halo themed short I found that to be touching. I love how our main red character stands out in his amount of detail and everyone else looks like after thoughts though. THAT made me chuckle!

DoomzDayChikn responds:

heyyy they weren't after thoughts!!


maybe they were, i dunno. lol

pretty decent.

not bad man. like you said, we all gotta start some were! think if you work hard you could be real good with this! just a hint, next time throw in a little story or something to appease the relentless take-no-prisoners reviewers. they tend to be happy if there is some story involved. anyways, nice work and welcome to the world of animation! good luck!

Shockerx91 responds:

Hey, thank you so much for the tips and the comments!
I'll keep that in mind.


this was pretty funny. especially when you get to the crack part. animation was kinda lame though. needs a little work on that department. voise acting was so so. other than those two things, great work!

someplaceelse responds:

thanks for the advice! :)

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Man what a way to piss people off! nice!

Just when you thought turtle were safe...

simple, addicting, and fun! very clever game! good job!

Game wasn't fun...

until I installed Google Chrome! lol Thanks for that. That took care of the sticky button problem just like you said! dude, this game is stunning! Awesome animation along with top notch game play, great sound, and original story/idea! I LOVE IT!

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Singing is rough

to be honest at many points it hurt to hear you sing. But to be honest, I would LOVE the sound of your voice if only it was on tune and proper breathing was used. But truly I think you have potential! have you considered vocal lessons? please try it out! I'd love to hear more and to see you improve!

Kylethedarkn responds:

Would you mind pointing out which points my voice was really off? It helps when I can hear my self being off and correct.

I've considered vocal lessons, but I have never had them. Nor do I have the money, or know where you'd even find that sort of thing. XD

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